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Monday, October 11, 2004

Desktop organisers

I love those little plastic desktop organisers - the kind with vertical tubes for your pens, arranged around a central pot for paperclips etc.

The thought and time gone into their design is pretty impressive. The tubes are each different heights to accommodate different size pens and pencils, and the central pot is shallow and wide, with a curved base to make it easy to extract troublesome paperclips from the bottom.

Aesthetically they're pleasing, too - made in a shiny, usually slightly see-through, strong plastic they are strong enough to resist breaking when falling, fully-loaded, from a desk, and if you're the sort of person that only has a couple of pens, get an organiser anyway! The tubes can be filled with water and flowers stood in them for an attractive, modernistic display (ok I haven't seen this done in practice but I'm sure it would look great).

The one thing I might change in their design is to allow for some sort of fastening device or maybe building in a weighted base. When fully loaded with pens and/or flowers, it's all too easy to knock the thing to the floor, making a mockery of all your hard work in organising the pens (or just spilling water all over your power sockets if you were using it for a flower display).


  • ...and all of this and more can be yours for only £9.99!

    By Blogger Paul Dann, at 13 October 2004 at 02:12  

  • £9.99! I would want it to pass me my pen for £9.99 i think mine was £1.99 which i think is a more resonable price!

    They are fine as long as you are a tidy and well orgainsed person who puts everything in its correct place i.e the correct tube unlike me! I spend all my time tiping everything out and putting it back in to get out the paper clips or prit-stick of the longest tower! But that says more about me than the design!

    As i test i will try and be a tidy and well orgainsed person for a couple of days and then comment on whether i have a new found love for my desk tidy! Ooooo i cant wait!

    By Blogger Natalie Cryan, at 13 October 2004 at 12:14  

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