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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Text Messaging

I personally am not really a fan of text messaging but I occasionally use my mobile phone to send messages. One of the main reasons why I am always reluctant to use that feature is that I sometimes have to write the same message more than once and at a slow pace. In fact several times I lost the messages I was writing because they were not saved when surprised by a phone call I elected to take the call directly.

This happened independently of the brand of telephone I used so far: Motorola, Nokia, or Samsung that I currently use. When in the middle of the message there is an incoming call, a single key press switches to the call and whether you accept or reject it is another matter. In either case, once the operation is terminated you realise that the message you were writing is no longer on display and there is no way to retrieve it in the phone. You therefore must type it in again if you are really keen or the message is very important otherwise like me you just can’t be bothered trying again.

The system should be design with safeguards in such a way that until you send a message that you are typing in, whenever there is a sensible, prompt and comprehensible interruption such as the urge to answer a call, whatever button you press to deal with the call should automatically save a copy of the message. That way you can always fall back on the message and decide whether you carry on editing or delete it etc… so far the option exist only if we specially take the time to go through the normal saving. But to be fair did we automatically jump to answer the call without going through that process? The answer in my case is always because I assume that my message somehow will still be there somewhere when I’m done with the call. Hence my frustration and anger when I realise that I have just lost a message I have been writing for about 15 minutes. So for people like me what massive difference it will make to have that feature enhanced with that automatism…


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