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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

How SMS is growing in people…

SMS (Short Message Services) which at its invention wasn’t intended for simple individual civil use is quickly becoming an integral part of people’s life. Once used by a very restraint category of people for the transfer of sensible information, SMS are nowadays used by anyone and for pretty much anything (simple conversation, receive news, etc…).

The phenomenon is so massive that now all the biggest companies from all the spectrums are investing in exploiting this channel to target their potential customers as shown in the German’s example below:

Over 70 percent of commercial revenues on youth-oriented TV networks such as MTV Deutschland are SMS-related during certain time slots these days. A commercial break on such channels is a six-minute cavalcade of adverts for phone ring tones, SMS subscription services and SMS dating chat lines.

Major TV networks and the country's biggest news magazines all offer SMS breaking news services, allowing subscribers to read news on their mobiles even before it breaks on TV or radio.

All that comes from studies made by specialised companies to assess the level of use of the messaging technology such as the survey by the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) recently showed Germans send a whopping 200 million messages a year, which was nearly three times as many as the Finns, in second place at 75 million or Britons at 70 million. In contrast, the United States was not even listed among the top 20 countries.

Some figures about the use of text messages:

China's mobile phone users sent more than 15.6 billion text messages in January, an increase of 91.2% from the same time last year, the government said Friday, reports the WSJ (world street journal).

On New Year’s Eve 2004 only:

  • 88 million SMS were sent by the 3 French operators
  • 22 million in Belgium compared to 7 million the previous year
  • 111 million SMS in the UK, an 8% increase on the year before
  • 66.4 million SMS and MMS in Switzerland compared to 58.2 in 2003
  • In Czech Republic 38.5 million SMS were sent
  • 146 million text messages were handled by the three main operators during the holiday period
  • India saw an unprecedented 180% increase in volumes to 60 million SMS compared with 21 million the previous year.
  • The cell phone industry recorded 85.5 million short message services during the festive season.

These impressive figures unfortunately come only from rich and developed countries what about 1/3 world countries? Even though they used mobiles phones and text messages, reports show that although it’s a cheap technology in rich countries it remains quite expensive and not yet affordable for everybody in the third world.

Text messages are integral part of our life and are here to stay and it is very effective way to communicate. Can we now imagine our life without test messages?


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