Designed in 2 Minutes?

Monday, November 29, 2004

Ok I have serious unability issues with this site! I think for user-freiendlyness it scores about a 2 maybe not even! I have done modules on web site design which has made me more picky when it comes to websites! But i think i have a valid point! Firstly you come to your blog page and want to post a comment...where is the log in button that would come in handy well its not there! Even if it was within your profile again its not there! You have to go to the home page to login! When it comes to website user friendlyness ease of navigation through the web pages is important and I dont think this site offers that!

Secondly you have to be invited to contribute to the blog using an email etc. Which at first seems fine but if you and a team mate have been sent the same invite and one of you uses it, it expires! Which means you have to be sent another invite by email! This is a long and drawn out process I feel! A simplified approach would be for the creator to list the contributors and them to then register when they visit the site!

Websites like this cause a digital divide as people without confidence in their computer skills would be put off and give up after five minutes which is why user-friendlyness and HCI are so important!


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