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Monday, November 15, 2004

The wireless mouse

Can anyone tell me the point! Im used to using my laptop touch pad which is annoying enough so sometimes I get fed up and plug in the mouse when i recently went to a friends i used a wireless mouse and found it such a hinderance to use! It cuts out constanly it the laser is slightly off of the desk, it doesnt move as easily it jams trying to actually get the curser over the icon was just stupid! So i thought well maybe i can try using it on this table about 30 cm from the computer and nope it didnt work! So it even has to sit in the same position as a normal mouse! In the end i just had to say what is the need for this mouse! & my friend repiled i broke the mouse socket on the pc so i cant plug in a mouse! Which was a valid reason but apart from that i really can not see the point in the wireless mouse.


  • It sounds like you had a bad mouse or that it was running low on power. I've thoroughly enjoyed using every wireless optical mouse I've tried. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse and couldn't live without them. I quite often use the mouse on my leg, because that's a more comfortable position than having it on the desk. There is a question to be asked here, though - is the mouse the best input device to use?

    By Blogger Paul Dann, at 16 November 2004 at 10:00  

  • When you say the laser is slightly off the desk are you meaning the infrared beam that connects the base station to the mouse?

    If so then the reason for your complaint is because you're using old technology which has long been superceeded by newer ways of working. Older wireless devices used to rely on line-of-sight infrared communication but newer devices use radio waves which can pass through desks and even walls etc.

    These types of device are fantastic! I could never go back to a corded mouse now, having got used to my cordless optical one.

    By Blogger Mark Rowan, at 18 November 2004 at 11:40  

  • I think im just the sort of person who thinks that if something does its job then if your going to replace it it better b fantastic or what is the point! So i ask myself the mouse is the mouse does not having the cord make it all singing all dancing.... I don't think so! The design of the laptop toucpad is much more comforatble and impressive than a mouse without a cord!

    I also recently used a trackerball input device and it was sooo unnatural in design I had to make consious button presses and I found moving the cursor completely unnatural too. I think if i had tried to draw an image it would have just been impossible.

    But then im I just stuck in my ways well it has been said! But I just think i have high standards and if of HCI and if it works only replace it with something that works better but something that has the wow factor and works differently and better!

    By Blogger Natalie Cryan, at 23 November 2004 at 17:41  

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