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Friday, November 05, 2004

The mybham web portal

The university have increased the services they provided over the internet. Although resources previously were linked through their website the my bham portal aims to bring all resources together under a passworded area which can ‘make your own’. Although I am set in my old ways of going to the library website for the catalogue it is much more useful to have the catalogue as a tab within the mybham area and also a link to the university email account without having to navigate to different sites.

A new feature is the ‘groups’ area. This enables you to set up a group which has it own homepage and message boards etc. For example I am the group leader for the womens football group and we are currently helping to test the groups area. There are two things which have particularly aggravated me about the groups. Firstly is that about 1 in 3 times that I try to enter the groups section it logs me out of the mybham portal. It can definitely be said that the portal is suffering from teething problems. secondly as a user of yahoo groups I have become accustomed to having a direct link to the group that I belong to once having logged in whereas with the mybham site I have to go through about three different links every time to reach the womens football group.

The mybham portal is generally a good idea but could do with some tweaking to become more user friendly.


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