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Sunday, November 07, 2004


How often do we find ourselves in buses, trains, airplanes, tubes, theatres and other public places near somebody using an appliance that produces sound (walkman, portable DVD player, laptop, etc…), and how annoying it is to be forced to listen to what that person is listening, which in many cases is a shocker for your system? The answer is very often and even though such people are using earphones we can still listen clearly and loudly to what they are listening. This suggests that the earphones in those instances do not play fully their role, which is not only to enable to listen to the sound produce but also to confine it in the location where the earphones are attached doesn’t matter what the level of the volume is.

At to what shall be done, some might argue that it is up to users to be sensible and use their appliance in a responsible way but should we rely too much on and trust people’s good will, specially in societies where people are loosing every day a little bit more of what is called in French “Savoir-Vivre”, relating to the way people live together in the best possible way. Yes! What good behaviour(s) can we expect from people who cannot even do something as simple yet very important and significant as giving sits to elderly, or pregnant women, or disables, or in general to people that are ‘more needy’ in public transport or any public place? The conclusion is no; in such issues we should not put our faith in people who do not know how to recognise other people’s need and right because of their selfishness. Therefore it is let to manufacturers to make sure their product(s) is/are not source of discord in societies.

There are many manufacturers out there who by lack of good expertise (requirement definition, design, implementation), or good quality raw material, or just hunger for the profit produce goods that do not meet the criteria for a good earpiece. Such earphone although cheep for most of them produce a very poor quality of sound, their life expectancy is very short and they operate as is they were normal speakers intended for a large audience hence the public disturbance.

Since I use earphone, I have to recognise that most earphones from the ‘AIWA’ amongst the popular Brands are the ones that I came across and which truly gave entire satisfaction. Although SONY, PHILIP, and other famous brands can be very good, they sometimes fail to lift up to their standards with some of their products.

However we praise and encourage all those companies that work very hard to come up with goods that are intended to make our life easier and taste a bit better. What would we have done without them?


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