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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Digital Divide

Mobile phones, the internet, email and wireless networking you either have it or you don't... the digital divide! Thinking back now probably 1997 the internet was something available in school's and libraries and the odd student had it at home and mobile phones were even more scarce among fifteen year old highschool students. Eight years on and I find myself completely dependent on my mobile phone and the internet for communication and information. Without text messages, e-mail and msn I find myself feeling naked and out of the loop after a weekend and thats with my mobile phone that I couldn't imagine being without. Then I go to my mums and she doesnt own a mobile phone and cannot use the computer let alone the Internet.

When I talk to her about the fact the she is missing out she looks at me blankly. After talking to her about it further and trying to talk her round, I realised the reason she didn't understand. The reason is she doesn't know what she is missing as i do because i have built up a dependancy on these electronic devices like an addiction. She doesn't feel out of the loop due to her never being in it.

Therefore I came to the conclusion is there a digital divide or do us that are in the digital era that create a digital divide in our own heads. The digital club. I know feel I should look into this further...


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