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Monday, November 08, 2004

Cash Registers

On friday as I was queuing to purchase a sandwich from the new 'GO' cafe in the biosciences undercroft I realised how poorly designed it was. The cash register is in the furthest point of the small area and after you have paid you then have to wrestle your way back through the queue to get out. Surely the optimal position for the cash register of such as small shop would be by the door to prevent this fom happening!! The other thing is out of sheer habit the last thing I usually do after paying is to pick up sugar for my coffe only to find that sugar was at the other end of the queue. Sugar should always be by the till because it is everywhere else and people are dont want to have to hunt for sugar after they have already purchased their coffee. People don't like change they find it unsettling some things just arent supposed to change as some methods are already tried and tested and are already the most effficient like having sugar next to the cash register.


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