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Monday, November 01, 2004

Ball Breaker

Ball Breaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no such mean of transport as bicycles, they are widely used and for different reasons. Some people use them as a way to improve their fitness or simply to enjoy a ride, and other because it is the quickest yet affordable way to get to their destinations (students for example)… with such a wide range of users, there is what we consider as a flaw in the design of bicycles or at the least in its gender specification. There are so called “men” and “women” bicycles, the only difference between them being the ‘crossing bar’ characteristic of “men” bicycles that is lowered on “women” bicycles because of the dressing code (dresses, skirts, etc…), making it difficult for women to remain cover while riding. However the designers seem to have ignored that men had more to loose because of that bar than women. In fact since its invention, we have certainly had millions of men who had their “family jewelleries” i.e. testicles hurt by that part of the bicycle and in some instances they even lost their manhood hence the nickname ‘Ball Breaker’ from the French ‘Casse-Couilles’. While riding if a man breaks suddenly, or fall into a hole, or drive through an obstacle or make any reckless move on the bicycle, which happen very often he lands almost certainly on the bar with his balls first and this is very painful and in life in general there are very few physical pains that are stronger (take my word for it).

Since most women nowadays preferred wearing trousers especially amongst the bicycle users, that argument therefore appears less justifiable and men are still hurting and breaking their ball. To add insult to injury the sits are very small, and very hard and uncomfortable, making it mpossible to remain sited for a consirable amount of time while riding...

It is time to rethink the bicycle's design so that men are able to really enjoy riding and take full advantage of all the benefits offer by the bicycle. Shall we scrap the bar completely? and what can we do about the seats so that people who don't have enough meat on their ass feel comfortable on them?


  • Unfortunately we can't scrap the 'Casse-Couilles', the crossbar, as the bike frame will be weak without it.

    A bike frame is designed as a diamond, with the back wheel and the handlebars as the points at each end. This is a very strong arrangement.

    Removing one side of this diamond (the crossbar) will make it much weaker.

    Instead I suggest we just put lots of padding on the crossbar before setting off on a long dangerous ride :-)

    By Blogger Mark Rowan, at 1 November 2004 at 20:53  

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